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Smart Capital Group

Smart Capital Group is a qualified, stable, growth-oriented company that brings together various brands in Georgia and the United Kingdom. We create business opportunities and make significant investments for the country.



Georgia is the ancient birthplace of wine and has long been known for its hospitality, and Kakheti is the main region of Georgian winemaking, of which Shilda is an important part.


Smart Capital Group has a diverse portfolio of hospitality services. It currently manages 7 projects of different concepts and price categories in Tbilisi, as well as in Kakheti.


The energy is one of the main businesses of Smart Capital Group where it operates in several areas: Oil and oil products trade , International oil and oil products.


The Tbilisi Tobacco Factory, part of the Smart Capital Group, is equipped with high-tech machinery and produces high quality products.

Retail Business

In the retail business, Smart Capital Group is represented in the UK under the Eshvi and Eshvi Kids brands. Both companies’ products are well known.


A new direction of Smart Capital Group is a modern technology company APP IDEA, where a full range of digital technology services is being developed.

  • Charity Foundation AI IA celebrates the new academic year

    Our group’s social direction charity foundation AI IA team congratulated the little beneficiaries on the completion of 5 years of rehabilitation. At the awarding ceremony, gifts were also given to newcomer children of the foundation, their parents and teachers. The event was attended by members of the foundation’s team, parents and the chairman of the Supervisory

    September 19, 2022
  • Georgian chant in the Sistine Chapel

    For the first time, in the Sistine Chapel, a Georgian chant was heard; The Choir of the Trinity Cathedral sang the Georgian chant “Ave Maria” with Yano Alibegashvili, as well as Chakrulo and other unique church chants. Sharing such cultural heritage promotes mutual respect and age-old fellowship. In this historical event, our group’s “Georgian chant

    June 26, 2022
  • Eshvi gala-dinner

      Eshvi gala-dinner hosted by Bazzar Hotel, in honor of eshvi moments and faithful costumers; the brand operates since 2014 and is known for individuality, bold colours and news. Friends and empoyees of eshvi moment’s attended the dinner

    June 21, 2022
  • Historical memorandum in Rome

    On may 25th, 2022 historical memorandum was signed between George Mtatsmindeli Ecclesiastical high school and the pontifical institutes of sacred music in Rome. Scientific and research projects will be implemented within this project, as well as mobility of academic staff within a short-term academic program will be planned. This program will play an important role

    May 27, 2022

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