Poti Free Industrial Zone is the oldest and largest free zone in Georgia and most substantial in terms of business volumes being handledWe are the leading free zone in the Caucasus region situated at the historic Silk Road and the gateway to international trade corridors and markets, providing a new stimulus to investors wishing to take advantage of Georgia’s tax free and bilateral free trade agreements.

Poti FIZ - Poti Free Industrial Zone

Poti FIZ offers a wide range of business solutions that are suitable for all types of business activities such as manufacturing, logistics, trade and distribution. We provide our investors cost-effective business set-up packages, a range of licenses and modern facilities as well as first-class handling and support services.

Being adjacent to the major Black Sea port – Poti and linked to the international rail and road highways, Poti FIZ connects investors to growing market in CIS, Middle East, EU and Central Asia Regions.


Poti FIZ today places a primary focus on businesses looking to benefit from the tax free incentives which are designed to attract economic activity and job creation in Georgia, by enabling investors to import raw materials and export their finished products into various markets, both regional and international, free of local taxes and with law supply chain cost.

Poti FIZ is the only free zone in the country where the Government of Georgia is represented as the company shareholder.