Social responsibility is at the heart of Smart Capital Group. We develop and implement many innovative charitable projects to enrich our society.

Employees from all the companies under the Smart Capital Group are regularly involved in such projects. This is one of the ways we insure that the connection with our employees grows into something more meaningful than just an employer-employee relationship.


Social responsibility section founders and team

  • Nana Gotua

    Head of Social Responsibility

    Nana Gotua is involved in various charitable activities. She has been the head of the Charity ...

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  • Ketevan Petriashvili

    Deputy Director of Ai Ia Foundation

    Ketevan Petriashvili graduated from Iv. Javakhishvili Tbilisi State University, Faculty of Western...

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  • Marina Reidt-Altunashvili

    Therapist and co-founder of Georgian-German Music Therapy Center “Bekari”

    Marina Reidt-Altunashvili joined Smart Capital Group in 2020. She  is currently the co-founder...

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  • Salome Barbakadze

    Advisor at AI IA Foundation

    Salome holds a Bachelor's degree in Occupational Therapy from Tbilisi State University. She worked...

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  • Baia Zhuzhunadze

    Public Relations Manager at Georgian Chant Foundation

    Baia Zhuzhunadze holds a Master's degree in Musicology. She is a doctoral student at Tbilisi State...

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  • Nino Razmadze

    Project Monitoring Officer at Georgian Chant Foundation

    Nino Razmadze is an ethnomusicologist, a doctoral student at the Tbilisi State Conservatory and...

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Charitable Foundation Ai Ia works on habilitation, rehabilitation and development of hearing-impaired children. Ai Ia was founded on April 14, 2016, by the businessman and philanthropist Vano Chkhartishvili and his spouse Nana Gotua. The goal of the foundation is to create the necessary environment for the development of hearing-impaired children and to promote their social integration through involvement in a high-quality rehabilitation system, which provides access to educational and research resources.

Honorary members of the Board of Directors of the Foundation are: Ketevan Nemsadze, Shota Japaridze, Ivane Kevanishvili, Anzor Erkomaishvili, Jemal Chkuaseli, Vakhtang Kakhidze and HSH Princess Charlene of Monaco.


Is the first Georgian-German music therapy center in Georgia and all of Caucasus region. It is based on the latest trends and methods of music therapy. Music therapy is a widespread practice in the world and is used in many fields of medicine.

Bekari has adopted the Nordoff-Robbins method of music therapy, which is one of the most advanced methods in the world. It is an interactive therapeutic process that is led by a qualified therapist, who engages with an individual or a group receiving therapy.

Charity Foundation Georgian Chant

The Charity Foundation Georgian Chant was founded by Vano Chkhartishvili in 2012 with the blessings of Ilya II, Catholicos-Patriarch of All Georgia. The purpose of this foundation is to support and endorse the popularization of Georgian chants and folklore both in Georgia and abroad.

The history of Georgian Chants is distinguished by many years of charitable activities and projects. The main areas of its activity are the study of Georgian chants, the education and training of the singers and the popularization of Georgian folk culture. In 2016, the foundation established an annual Artem Erkomaishvili Award, which aims to identify and reward the best performers and researchers of Georgian traditional chants.

Rugby Club Brothers

Smart Capital Group is a patron and a sponsor of the newly established rugby school Dzmebi, which in Georgian means brothers. The school provides theoretical and practical training for children from 6 to 12 years old and is located in a well-equipped sports base at Mushtaidi Park.

Training is conducted by experienced, licensed coaches, including guest rugby players from the Georgian national team and other local teams. The school is equipped with all the necessary, modern equipment and fully complies with the safety standards.