About Us

Smart Capital

Smart Capital Group is a qualified, stable, growth-oriented company that brings together various brands in Georgia and the United Kingdom. We create business opportunities and make significant investments for the country

Our History

The success story of Smart Capital Group goes back several decades. Our business began with the execution of investment projects and gradually evolved to include several diverse fields and outstanding companies in Georgian, British and other international markets. 

Over the years, Smart Capital Group has significantly contributed to the economic and social development of the country. We have created thousands of new jobs and a healthy work environment for all employees across our substantial network of companies, each supported by investment capital, and covering such business fields as energy, oil products, real estate, hospitality, technology, manufacturing, logistics and others.

Today Smart Capital is an established and reliable partner for investors and is always open to new projects and interesting investment opportunities. 

Our Values

Leadership & Expertise

It is especially important for our team to be leaders in our business fields and experts at what we do, so that the work we accomplish together is exceptional.

We believe that by diversifying our business in a dynamic and rapidly growing economic reality, we are making an important contribution for the economic and social development of the whole country.

Care & Development

Our goal is to move forward, develop and take care of each other - we appreciate the old, but enrich it with new initiatives, projects and visions. We believe that with this attitude we create opportunities for the next generation, which contributes to the continuation and enhancement of centuries-old traditions.

The support of employees, customers, investors, and partners is especially important to our team. Working together, side by side, we accomplish much good for our business and society.


Trust & Stability


We are sincere in our promises, we treat our clients and investors with respect, and we are a reliable and trustworthy partner.

We are a stable employer, but we strive to be more than that. Our maximally insured risks are a guarantee of trust and stability for all our stakeholders.

Love What You Do

We believe that when you love your job and know what you do, why you do it and how you do it, you are efficient and achieve your goals with ease.

Our accumulated expertise, love for our work, professionalism of our team and the desire for more initiative give us the ability to face challenges with confidence and never stop growing.